Safe & Fun

Play Safe, Have Fun!

There’s nothing more important to us than for all families to have fun safely with our products so while we trust that you will use your discretion and make the best decisions for your family, below are a few safety guidelines that we ask everyone to adhere to.

Adult supervision is required when using our products: please be nearby to observe your child(ren) of all ages at all times. Please be aware that climbing and being at any height off the ground can potentially be dangerous and is especially true of younger children who are developing their motor skills.

General safety:

  • Remove and dispose of all plastic bags and packaging immediately after opening as they can become a suffocation hazard.
  • Products should be only be used under adult supervision at all times.
  • Products are meant to be used on a flat and non-slip surface with sufficient padding underneath.
  • Products are not meant for use on stairs or placed on any surfaces other than the ground.
  • Exercise extra care as jumping/climbing on and off products can cause product to shift from its original position.
  • When using the products in different configurations, please make sure it is stable for its intended purpose before use. Please use your discretion before climbing on any structural builds as it may not be suitable depending on the weight of the child.
  • Products are not intended to be used as sleeping surface for infants under 1 years old.
  • Zippers should be inspected regularly to make sure there are no loose parts. Remove and stop use immediately should zippers be damaged.
  • Covers should be inspected regularly to make sure there is no exposed loose foam that may become a potential choking hazard. Remove and stop use immediately should foam be damaged.

By purchasing our products, you acknowledge and understand that it is the responsibility of the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the child(ren) to provide a safe environment and to determine the appropriate and suitable usage of our products and to comply with the safety guidelines and regular inspection as stated above. While KiiCo Play is committed to providing safe products to your family, it disclaims all liability arising from misuse and unsafe usages.

Please refer to our website’s safety page for the latest update and information regarding product safety.