Omni Play Couch Covers (Indoor + Outdoor)

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Our Omni Play Couch Covers are available for those who own a kiiCo Play Couch but love the idea of being able to take your play couch with you on your outdoor adventures! The Omni Play Couch covers allows you to easily transform your play couch to be ready for: outdoor obstacle courses, picnics, camping, star-gazing, outdoor movie nights, fresh air naps, beach hangouts and so much more! We specifically chose Solution-Dyed Acrylic outdoor fabrics (the top choice for many well-known outdoor furniture brands) because we wanted to choose something that  is premium in its look and function. This type of premium fabric is also unique in that it mimics indoor fabrics: it's soft and beautiful for regular indoor use so it is a perfect option for those looking for extra clean-ability and extra durability to withstand extra high demands of kids/pets (daycare settings, etc)

More About Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabrics

Solution-Dyed Acrylic Fabrics are made from fabrics that are dyed before the yarn is created. Unlike traditional canvas fabric where the color is applied to the surface after production, the solution-dyed fabric has acrylic fibers that are dyed at the earlier stages of production which creates a color lock before the fiber even becomes a solid yarn. This process creates a color-fast, water resistant, soft and breathable fabric!

  • Resistant to mold and mildew 
  • Withstand high abrasion (rubbing, tearing)
  • Fade resistant to UV ray exposures of over 2,000hrs
  • Wicks away moisture and stays cool to the touch in hot weather
  • PU coating on backside of fabric adds an additional level of water protection to the already highly water-resistant fabric 

100% Solution-Dyed Acrylic fabric (with added PU backing) and YKK water-resistant zippers to fit each of the play couch shapes:

  • 2x trapezoids backrests
  • 2x rectangular arm rests
  • 2x circular cushions
  • 4x square base cushions
Care Instructions
  • General maintenance: brush away/vacuum away loose dirt from surface 
  • Spills: wipe away spill, use damp cloth with natural soap to clean any stains, rinse with water and let fully air dry
  • Machine wash: take off cover and gentle cycle in cold with mild laundry soap and allow to completely air dry before reinserting back onto the foam
While this fabric is made to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, we recommend to make sure it is always stored with care in a dry and well ventilated area when not in use and to clean off any surface debris to avoid organic matter becoming embedded in the fabric. Extra care will preserve the longevity and keep your couch looking beautiful and new for years to come!
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